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So many years had passed since that old house had had any occupants but it was something that held some form of sentiment to those who had lived there once. The two humans that had once lived there were now much too old to do much other than do some stuff around the house that they lived in together. Once Alexis had left, Kaye had somehow ended up settling down with Jesse. A rare turn of events in her mind but to those on the outside it seemed normal.

Danny ended up with a few more siblings and they’d lived a relatively good life. Speaking of the blonde boy, he had decided to go back to that old house that they had all once lived in. He was around the back when he heard a voice that he hadn’t heard in so long. Blinking, he darted towards the front house and stared at the man. He hadn’t aged a day but then again, after what his mother had told him, that wasn’t all that shocking. 

"…Alexis? What are you doing here?" He didn’t even know if the man would recognize him after all these years, but there was no forgetting the face of the man that his mother had hopelessly fallen for, only to have her heart torn in two.

Footsteps approaching. Pretty fast too. Clearly, his presence was noticed. The one who approached was a human, his footsteps unfamiliar. Alexis turned around, eyes narrowing at the man who had showed up. He had not the slightest clue who this one was and only the sound of the name no one had used in the last four decades stopped him from making a move. “Who are you?” Alexis slowly circled the blonde, There was something familiar about this one’s eyes. 

"…Donkey?" He hesitated before saying the nickname. Once he said it, though, Alexis knew it was him. Little Donkey had grown up so much that he was hardly recognizable. When Alexis left, this one was a child, and now he was a full grown man likely raising a family of his own. "Answer my questions first. What are you doing here?” If Danny was here, then maybe the other two would too. If they weren’t dead already. “Are they…You know, alive still?”

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New faces every day, but none of them he could recall as accurate as the ones he lived with many years ago. He tugged down the scarf wrapped around his face so he could see the house properly. The roof was damaged around the corner, Alexis noticed that right away. It made sense, since at this point in time, there would be no one strong enough to get up and fix things. 

"I’m home," he called out, just for old time’s sake. The house echoed back his own words, hollow and emotionless. Of course there weren’t people living here any more. What else would he be expecting? It’s been…Something around forty years since the last time he turned up. Likely, Lewis with his trouble making nature would have gotten tossed in jail and rotted there. Stupid woman might have waited, and waited, and waited some more. When she realized that neither of them were coming back, she probably left the little house in the forest and got herself hitched to someone who actually kept their promises. Stupid cat would be dead. No doubt about that. Its life span was even shorter than those two pathetic human’s. 

So why was he here? Alexis sighed, taking a step back. “Well then, good bye again.” 




"Oh don’t think I’ve forgotten you disappearing too asshole. Just you wait til I come and deal with you."


"Yeah, go deal with him. He tooottaaalllyyy is the one that deserves it here."

Oho, but his little humans were missing a point.

"I don’t have to be judged like you, Lewis. I am a monster, I can go wherever I want and do whatever I want without asking for permissions of lowly humans." He glared at them and went back to fiddling with Stupid Cat’s tail. The feline missed him so much that it didn’t mind for once.

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"I am staying out of this fight. You kids, go ahead and kill each other.” It was a pleasant change to see Jesse and Kaye going at it for once. Alexis sat back with Stupid Cat on his lap and smiled.



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"Guess who’s ‘round again."

"How odd…I thought your recklessness would have gotten you dead by now."